01 July 2023
Tie in Riga derby again

Tonight, in the 20th round of the Latvian Highest league, for the third time this season we played a draw against RFS – 2:2. Glody Ngonda and Brian Peña scored the goals! The next game is on July 4 at Skonto Stadium against “Liepäja”!

We had played against RFS twice this season and both games ended in a draw – 1:1 and 0:0. Both teams were in the first two places in the standings before this match.

At the beginning of the game, the opponents were better and created several scoring opportunities. In the 16th minute, Emerson played great individually and shot the ball into the far upper corner of the goal – 1:0. In the middle of the half, Mikael Soisalo shot the ball into the goal, but the referee whistle about offside. Our coach made a couple of substitutions during the half. In the 38th minute, after Emerson’s pass, Cedric Cuadio scored with a header – 0:2. At the end of the half, Glody Ngonda scored a header and we went into the halftime break in a better mood – 1:2.

Neither team had a big lead in the second half. There were not many goalscoring moments in the second half, but our Spanish midfielder Brian Peña scored a beautiful goal during the compensation of the second half of the game – 2:2.

The next game is on July 4 at Skonto Stadium at 20:30 against “Liepaja”!