25 May 2024
Three points in Daugavpils

Tonight in the game of the 15th round of the Latvian Highest league, we defeated “Daugavpils” with a scoreline of 2:0. The goals were scored by Marko Regža and Eduards Daškevičs. On Wednesday the game at the Skonto stadium against Tukums.

In the first game against Daugavpils, we scored one goal in each half and won 2:0. Before this game, we were in second place in the tournament table, and our opponents were one place below.

At the beginning of the game, Daugavpils had some good chances, but Nils Puriņš was convincing in our goal. We also created good chances, and in the middle of the half, the opponents made a foul in the penalty area. Marko Regža scored a goal from the 11-meter mark – 1:0. The first half ended with this result.

We started the second half very well, and in the 52nd minute Eduards scored a goal in his hometown – 2:0. The opponents had no chance to save the game, we controlled the game, we could have scored more, but the final result was a 2:0 victory.

The next game is on Wednesday at the Skonto Stadium against Tukums.