08 April 2024
Third victory in Mežaparks

Tonight in the 5th round game of the Latvian Highest league, we won “Jelgava” with a scoreline of 2:0! Marko Regža became the best scorer of all time in the history of our club! The game against “Daugavpils” is already on Friday.

We got nine of the maximum 12 points in the first four games. The only loss was experienced away in Valmiera. “Jelgava” had earned one point at the beginning of the season.

“Jelgava” played very low in the first minutes of the game. We controlled the ball a lot, had good chances, but couldn’t score. In the first 45 minutes, several players in our team had good moments, but the best was for Marko Regža. From a close range, the forward missed almost empty net. After the first half, it was tied 0:0.

At the beginning of the second half, after a pass by Miloš Jojić, Regža scored a goal. It was the striker’s 27th goal in the “Riga” shirt, and Marko thus became the all-time best goal scorer in our club. We could not score the second goal for a long time, and at the end of the game the opponents had a few moments, but Nils Puriņš played well in our goal. At the end of the game Brian Peña scored the first goal of the season and we won 2:0.

The next game is on Friday at Mežaparks Sports Village against “Daugavpils”. The kick-off at 18:00.