19 May 2024
Confident victory in Jelgava

Tonight, in the 14th round of the Latvian Highest league, we played a very good first half and won “Jelgava” with a scoreline of 5:1. The goals were scored by Marko Regža, Antonijs Černomordijs, Eduards Dašķevičs, Kemehlo Nguena and Gauthier Mankenda.

The last two games were unsuccessful for our team – 1:1 draw against “Valmiera” and “Liepāja”. Our opponents tonight were bottom of the table before this game.

We started the game very well, and in the second minute, after a good combination in front of the goal, Marko Regža scored – 1:0. We continued to attack, and six minutes later Antonijs Černomordijs scored a goal from close range – 2:0. Seven minutes later, another great attack, and the third goal of the game was scored by Eduards Dašķevičs – 3:0. We were better in the rest of the half as well, but we didn’t score anymore.

We also started the second half strongly, and in the 50th minute another goal – Kemehlo Nguena – 4:0. We controlled the ball much more, created attacks, and in the 58th minute, Gauthier Mankenda scored (5:0). A little more than 20 minutes before the end of the game, the opponents also scored one goal, we still had moments, but in the end we won with 5:1.

The next game is on May 24 in Daugavpils.