04 April 2024
Confident victory against Liepaja

Tonight, in the 4th round of the Latvian Highest league, we won “Liepāja” very convincingly with the scoreline of 4:0. Marko Regža scored three goals for our team, while Baba Musa scored one. The game against “Jelgava” is already on Monday.

In the previous round, we experienced our first loss this season. In Valmiera, we scored the first goal, but in the final result we lost with 1:2. “Liepāja” had lost all the first three games.

We completely controlled the game from the first minutes. We scored the first goal in the 20th minute. After a pass from Eduards Daškėvičs, Marko Regža scored a goal from in front of the goal – 1:0. “Liepāja” did not have any good chances in the first half, we continued to attack, and at the end of the half, the opponents made a foul in the penalty area. Regža scored the second goal of the game from the 11-meter mark – 2:0.

In the first ten minutes of the second half, the opponents had some good chances, but our goalkeeper Nils Puriņš played convincingly. After that, we were in complete control of the game again. In the 71st minute, Baba Musah scored a header from close range – 3:0. We had a few more very good chances, but scored the last goal late in the game. Marko Regža scored the third goal from the penalty spot and we won 4:0.

The next game is already on Monday at Mežaparks Sports Village against “Jelgava”. The kick-off at 19:00.