28 January 2024
A strong win against Koreans

Raivis Jurkovskis and Marko Regža scored goals in a test match tonight in the United Arab Emirates, and we won 2:0 against one of the strongest teams in South Korea, “Jeonbuk Hyundai”.

We have been training in Dubai since January 8, mostly twice a day. In the test matches, we lost 1:3 to the UAE club “United”, but we won 3:1 against another club of this country, “Emirates”.

On Sunday, we played against one of the most well-known South Korean clubs, Jeonbuk Hyundai. Unfortunately, several players could not play due to injuries, but we started the game very actively and aggressively. In the 12th minute, Miloš Jojić made a cross from the left side, after Kemehlo Nguena’s shot, the goalkeeper saved the opponents, and then Raivis Jurkovskis hit the ball powerfully into the goal (1:0).

Both teams played fast football, both had several pretty good chances. In the second half, the opponents already played more with the ball, but with team spirit we kept our goal to zero. After 45 minutes we were leading 1:0. In the beginning of the second half, Nils Puriņš once saved our team. 20 minutes later, Marko Regža showed great character, won the duel and in the end shot the ball into the far corner of the goal. Victory 2:0.

Tomorrow the team has another training session, but already on Tuesday we will fly to Riga.