02 July 2024
2:2 against “Valmiera”

Tonight in the game of the 21st round of the Latvian Highest league, we drew 2:2 against “Valmiera”. At the very end of the game, Gauthier Mankenda earned one point for our team. The next game is on July 7 in Liepāja.

We had not beaten “Valmiera” this season yet. In the first match, we lost 1:2 at the opponent’s field, but in the second match at the Skonto stadium, a draw was recorded – 2:2.

In the first half of the match, we controlled the ball more, but “Valmiera” was able to create several sharp and dangerous attacks in the counterattacks. In the middle of the half, after Ivan Erquiga’s cross, the opponents kicked the ball into their own goal (1:0). Goalkeeper Nils Puriņš saved our team a couple of times. After the first half, we were in the lead with 1:0.

At the beginning of the second half, the opponents played very actively, attacked aggressively and deservedly scored a goal in the 52nd minute (1:1). 13 minutes later, Alioune Ndoye also scored the second goal of the game, and “Valmiera” was already in the lead (2:1). We were able to put pressure on the opponent’s goal in the final part of the game, and in the last minutes one point was earned by Gauthier Mankenda – 2:2.

The next game is on July 7 in Liepāja.