Weak game and loss against Liepaja

Weak game and loss against Liepaja

On Saturday, "Riga Football Club" at Skonto Stadium lost 0:1 to "Liepāja"  in the 23rd round game of the Latvian Highest league. The next game on September 29 against RFS.

We had played two games against the Liepāja team this season. On May 9 in Mežaparks we won with 4:1, but in the second game on July 1 in Liepāja we lost with 0:1. This was the first loss against Liepāja in the last ten games.

We started the third game against Liepāja this season quite badly. "Riga" had enough possession of the ball, but there was almost no moments created. The only goal scoring chance in our team was for Vladimirs Kamešs, when the midfielder, after a pass from Yuri Vakulko, shot from the penalty area and the ball just wide the far corner. In the middle of the half, "Liepāja" had a great opportunity, and after the shot of Milan Miroslavlev, the home team was saved by Roberts Ozols. The first half of the game ended in with a draw - 0:0.

In the 69th minute of the game, "Liepāja" scored the only goal in this game. "Liepāja" made a counterattack, Mārtiņš Ķigurs played great on the left side, and Mihail Gordejchuk scored from close distance - 0:1. "Riga" tried to change the game in different ways, but failed to achieve the result. Loss with 0:1.

The next game on September 29 at Skonto Stadium against RFS. The match starts at 19:40.