0:0 in Riga derby

0:0 in Riga derby

Tonight in the 15th round game of the Latvian Highest league, we played a draw 0:0 against RFS! The next game is on May 31 against "Super Nova".

In the first game against RFS, we played most of the match with ten men, but we still got one point - 1:1. Before the game, we were in first place in the tournament table, RFS in second place.

In the first half of the game, the opponents had more good chances. In one moment Antonijs Černomordijs with some luck saved us from losing a goal, but in other Emerson hit the post. We had some good attacks but the most dangerous shot came from Marko Regža. The striker missed the far corner of the goal from the edge of the penalty area. After the first half, the score was tied 0:0.

In the second half, both teams played actively, but there were not many moments. After one of our mistakes, Cedric Kouadio missed the opportunity. During the half-time, Ousseynou Niang was not ready to continue the game due to an injury. At the end of the game, we had a pretty good chance when Regža received the ball close to the goal, but in the end there was no shot. Raivis Jurkovskis made a shot a moment later, but his shot was blocked. The final score was tied 0:0.

The next game is on May 31 against "Super Nova". The game starts at 20:00.