We beat Tukums for the second time this season

We beat Tukums for the second time this season

Tonight in the 14th round of the Latvian Highest league we won 5:1 against "Tukums 2000/Telms". Goals were scored by Antonijs Černomordijs, Miloš Jojić, Marko Regža, Aleksandar Ogunji and Marko Dabro. On Friday, the away game against RFS!

In the first game this season, we won against Tukums with the result 2:0. The goals were scored by Kemehlo Nguena and Babah Musah.  Before this match, we were in first place in the tournament table, while Tukums was in ninth place.

We scored the first goal in the 20th minute. After Mikael Soisalo's cross, Antonijs Chernomordijs made a great header - 1:0. Eight minutes later, Miloš Jojić masterfully played the opponent in the penalty area, and at the end of the attack, the Serbian midfielder hit the ball into the far corner of the goal - 2:0. After the first half of the game, we were leading 2:0.

At the beginning of the second half, Marko Regža scored a goal from close range - 3:0. 12 minutes later, we created a great combination, at the end of which Alexander Ogunji scored a goal - 4:0. We continued to attack and Marko Dabro also scored. 5:0! At the end of the game, the opponents also scored one goal, but we won 5:1.

The next game will be against RFS on May 26. Thekick-off at 19:00.