2:0 victory against "Auda"

2:0 victory against "Auda"

Tonight in the 13th round game of the Latvian Highest league, we defeated "Auda" with the scoreline of 2:0. Goals were scored by Miloš Jojić and Mikael Soisalo. On May 21, the game against Tukums.

We won the first game against "Auda" with 2:0. The goals were scored by Jojić and Kemehlo Nguena. Before this game, we were in the first place, but "Auda" took only the sixth position.

We were much better in the first half of the game. Already in the first 20 minutes we could score at least three goals. The opponents did not concede for a long time, but in the 41st minute we finally scored. Douglas Aurelio played very well on the right side, the midfielder passed to Jojić at the end, and the Serbian midfielder skillfully sent the ball into the net - 1:0. After the first half, we were in the lead with the following result.

At the beginning of the second half, we scored the second goal. Mor Talla was the fastest on the left side. The defender made a shot, the goalkeeper Roberts Ozols played quite badly, and Mikael Soisalo shot the ball into the goal from a few meters - 2:0. We controlled the game, but the pace of the game was not the best for the rest of the game. We had a couple more really good chances, but Ozols saved the opponents several times. The final result was a 2:0 victory.

The next game is on May 21 against Tukums. The kick-off at 14:00.