Sixth win in a row

Sixth win in a row

Tonight in the 12th round of the Latvian Highest league we earned the biggest victory in the club's history against "Liepāja" - 4:0! Marko Regža scored two goals, Mikael Soisalo and Raivis Jurkovskis scored once. On May 16, the game against "Auda".

We won the first game this season against "Liepāja" with the result 3:0. We scored all three goals in the first half. Miloš Jojić, Marko Regža and Marko Dabro scored one goal each.

This time against "Liepāja" the first ten minutes were quite difficult. The opponents actively attacked, but we played disciplined defense. In the 14th minute, the always fast Mor Talla played perfectly on the left side, the goalkeeper saved after the first shot, but the first one on the ball was Marko Regža - 1:0. In the 34th minute, Mikael Soisalo executed a great penalty kick, but the ball hit the goal post. This time too, Marko was the first on the ball - 2:0. During the first half we had several more chances, Jojić and Regža was very close to scoring when the ball hit the goal post. After the first half we were leading 2:0.

In the second half, we controlled the game, we were not so active in attack, but we still scored two goals. In the 78th minute, Soisalo scored a fantastic goal from a free kick - 3:0. At the end of the game, we organized a great counterattack - Eduards Daškėvičs passed to Raivis Jurkovskis, the defender was faster than everyone else and in the end scored a goal masterfully. Victory with 4:0.

The next game is on May 16 against "Auda". The kick-off at 18:00.