Nervous victory against Daugavpils

Nervous victory against Daugavpils

Tonight in the last minutes of the 12th round of the Latvian Highest league, we got a  victory against the unyielding "Daugavpils". Douglas Aurelio scored the only goal for or team! The next game is on Friday in Liepāja.

In the first game this season against Daugavpils, we lost two points - 1:1. Before this match, we were in the first place in the tournament table, but the Daugavpils team took the ninth position.

We completely dominated the first half of the game. In the first 25 minutes, we had at least four very good chances, but we couldn't score a goal, which gave confidence to the opponents. "Daugavpils" logically waited more for their opportunities in counterattacks, but did not create any very dangerous moments. After the first half, it was tied 0:0.

In the second half, we didn't have that many very good moments. "Daugavpils" played very disciplinedly on their side of the field and created dangerous attacks from time to time. At the end of the game, we went forward with all our might, made several substitutions and scored a goal already in additional time. The opponents made a foul against Reginaldo Ramires in the penalty area and Douglas Aurelio scored from the penalty spot. A happy 1:0 win.

The next game will be against "Liepāja" on Friday. The kick-off at 18:00.