"Riga" wins in Tukums

"Riga" wins in Tukums

Today in the game of the 25th round of the Latvian Highest league "Riga" won the "Tukums 2000/TSS" team with the scoreline of 2:0. Goals were scored by Herdi Prenga and Stefan Milosevic.

Till today we had won both games and scored ten goals against Tukums - 5:1 and 5:2. Tukums had won the last two games in the championship. 

The beginning of the match did not raise any doubts that "Riga" will play much more with the ball, but Tukums will wait for their opportunities in counter-attacks. The home had two fast foreign forwards, who from time to time were able to prove their speed, but together "Riga" coped with all situations in defense.

"Riga" scored first goal in the 27th minute. Herdi Prenga got hit in the penalty box and referee awarded 11 meter penalty kick. Central defender took ball and convincingly realized this chance - 1: 0. "Riga" continued to attack, and in the 37th minute the Montenegrin forward Stefan Miloševic scored his fifth goal this season - 2:0. The end of the half went calmly, and "Riga" was in the lead with 2:0 after 45 minutes.

"Riga" did not show their best football in the second half. At the same time, it cannot be said that there were no opportunities. There were great moments for several footballers, but we played unsuccessfully in the final phase of the attack. Tukums had almost no chance in attack. "Riga" dominated and fully controlled the game, but in the attack lacked sharpness. "Riga" safe victory with 2:0.

I the next two weeks are planned to play national team games, but the next match of "Riga" according to the current calendar will be on November 26 against RFS.