Panic and Kule scores, "Riga" wins "Daugavpils"

Panic and Kule scores, "Riga" wins "Daugavpils"

Tonight at Skonto Stadium in the 24th round of the Latvian Highest league "Riga" with the result 2:0 won the BFC "Daugavpils" team. Goals were scored by Stefan Panic and Kule Mbombo. Next week game against "Metta".

After losing in the 1/4 final of the Latvian Cup tonight, it was important to get three points in the Latvian Highest league to keep RFS nine points away. It will be very difficult for Daugavpils to rise above the seventh place.

At the beginning of the match, "Riga" played a lot with the ball, but the lacked sharpness in the attack. In the 16th minute, the goal was scored by Stefan Panic, who made a great header - 1: 0. It should be mentioned that before that there was a great opportunity for "Daugavpils" forward Marko Regža. The young footballer missed from a very good position. In the second half of first half, "Riga" did not show their best football. The game was quite boring, there were practically no moments, and after 45 minutes "Riga" was in the lead with 1: 0.

In the start of the second half, "Daugavpils" few time got close to our goal, but did made good shots. On 67th minute of the game Kule Mbombo scored eight minutes after coming in to the game. The Congolese striker made a good header from a close distance. At the end of the match, "Daugavpils" created a couple of good opportunities. Herdi Prenga two times played great on the goal line. Together we secured victory getting another three points. 

On November 1, a game against "Metta" at Skonto Stadium. Kick-off  at 13:00.