Loss in 1/4 final of Latvian cup

Loss in 1/4 final of Latvian cup

Tonight at the "Arkadija" stadium in the quarterfinals of the Latvian Cup "Riga" lost in away game against RFS - 2:3. Goals for our team were scored by Stefan Panic and Vladimirs Kamess. 

The clubs of the Latvian Highest league started the Latvian Cup from the 1/8 finals. "Riga" defeated "Metta" with the scoreline of 4:0. The goals were scored by Stefan Panic, Olegs Laizans, Armands Petersons and Vladimirs Kamess. RFS won the 1st league team "Auda" in its 1/8 final game with 8:0.

The start of the match was awful. Already on the 6th minute of the game, the referee Artis Ķēniņš awarded a very questionable 11-meter penalty to our goal. Darko Lemajičs scored - 0: 1. A minute later, after our own mistake, RFS created another quick attack, and in the end Emerson Santana shot in the far corner - 0:2. After start like this, "Riga" gained control of the ball and gained the initiative.

On 22nd minute, after great corner kick by Marko Djurisic, Herdi Prenga made a great header, goalkeeper played well, but Stefan Panic got the ball and shot it in to the net - 1:2.  For the rest of the half, both team had some moments. At the end of the half, "Riga" again put more pressure on the opponents' goal, but didn't make accurate and dangerous shots. After 45 minutes, the scoreboard showed a minimal advantage for the RFS team - 2: 1.

After the break, the start again was very bad. On 50th minute, RFS with some luck managed to get the ball into the penalty area, and Lemajic scored his second goal in the game - 3: 1. After that it was clear that "Riga" will go forward with big strenght. Elvis Stuglis had a good opportunity after one of the Jakub Hora crosses, but ball hit the goal poast. "Riga" continued to attack, but scored the second goal only on the 90th minute, when Vladimirs Kamess played perfectly in the penalty area - 3: 2. The rest of the game RFS skillfully wasted time and guarded the victory.

The next game on October 25 at Skonto Stadium at 16:00 against BFC "Daugavpils".