Everything will be decided on November 12

Everything will be decided on November 12

Today in the 35th round of the Latvian Highest league in an away match we defeated "Tukums 2000/Telms" with the scoreline of 2:0. Yurii Vakulko and Antonijs Černomordijs scored for our team. The last game of the season on November 12 at Skonto Stadium!

We had won all three games against Tukums this season. We won the first two games with the scoreline of 2:0, but in the third match on August 28 at the Skonto Stadium, we scored three goals and won 3:1.

We created a lot of scoring chances in the first half of the game. Marcelo Torres received the ball several times close to the goal, but today the Argentinian forward could not score. In the 40th minute, Yurii Vakulko made a strong shot from the edge of the penalty area into the far corner of the goal - 1:0. At the end of the half, the opponents had a good moment, but our team was saved by goalkeeper Nils Puriņš. After the first half we were in the lead with 1:0.

At the beginning of the second half, after a cross from the right side, Antonijs Černomordijs scored with a header - 2:0. The rest of the time we played safe, the opponents didn't have very good chances. We also didn't score any more goals in this game and ended up winning 2:0. This was our team's seventh victory in a row.

The last game of the season on November 12 at the Skonto Stadium. The match against RFS is scheduled to start at 13:00.