Into the 1/4 final of Latvian Cup

Into the 1/4 final of Latvian Cup

Tonight at Skonto stadium "Riga" got victory against "Metta" in the 1/8 final  of the Latvian Cup - 4:0!  The goals were scored by Stefan Panic, Olegs Laizans, Armands Petersons and Vladimirs Kamess. Sunday in Riga Latvian championship game against "Liepaja".

Compared to previous games, MihailKonev made several changes. After a long break, Nils Toms Puriņš and Oļegs Laizāns entered the main line-up, while Federiko Bravo started the game from the first minute for the first time.

The game started with a great "Riga" control of the ball, but without dangerous moments. Most of the first half went on a fairly calm rhythm. In the 41st minute, after Jakub Hora cross, captain Stefan Panic, who few days ago became father, had a great header - 1:0! The second half of the first half was also a bit more interesting, but after 45 minutes "Riga" had a minimal 1:0 advantage.

After the break, Oļegs Laizans made supporters happy with a great shot in far corner - 2: 0. "Riga" continued to attack, and in the 65th minute from the boundaries of the penalty area immediately from the air an excellent shot was made by Armands Petersons - 3: 0. After that, the home team no longer attacked so actively, and the guests also showed a couple of good opportunities. In two episodes, "Riga" was saved only by the great game of goalkeeper Nils Toms Purins. In the 81st minute, the goal was scored by Vladimirs Kamešs, who hit great header precisely in the far corner - 4:0.

The next game is already on Sunday in the Latvian championship against "Liepaja"! The game at Skonto Stadium will start at 18:00! Tickets are already available at "Biļešu Serviss" ticket offices.

Latvian Cup, 1/8 final
Riga FC - FK Metta 4:0 (1:0)
Goals: Panic 41' Laizāns 47' Pētersons 65' Kamešs 81'
Riga: Puriņš, Pētersons, Stuglis, Panic (Djurisic 65'), Rugins, Laizāns, Bravo, Nata (Brisola 45'), Hora (Dario 67'), Roger (Kamešs 58'), Debelko (Mbombo 58')
Metta: Beks, Šibass (Kirkils 80'), Franklin, Zakari, Krjukovičs (Kadriu 46'), Korotkovs (Uldriķis 80'), Fedorovičs, Guliaks (Birka 90+1'), Gulbis, Vapne, Kajembe (Melnis 57')