Loss against "Valmiera"

Loss against "Valmiera"

Tonight at Skonto Stadium we lost to "Valmiera" with the scoreline of 0:2 in the 19th round of the Latvian Highest league. The next game will take place on July 1 against "Liepāja".

We had played against "Valmiera" twice this season. In the first game in Mežaparks we won with 2:1, but in the second game stonger was "Valmiera" with the result 3:0.

The first goal was scored in the 13th minute. It was a great game playing episode from the opponent's striker Raimons Krollis, who covered a great distance, created a moment for himself and made strong shot into the top corner (0:1). We controlled the ball quite a lot, created attacks in different ways, but in the final phase we could not achieve the result. At the end of the half, Daisuke Jokota earned the opportunity to shot an 11-meter penalty, but our team was saved by Nils Puriņš. Nils was great in other episodes in the first part of the game. 0:1 after the first half.

We tried to attack actively at the beginning of the second half, but there were still problems right at the end of the attacks. In the 57th minute, Valmiera's Japanese midfielder Daisuke Jokota scored - 2:0. Valmiera continued to create good opportunities, but Nils Puriņš played a good game. We had some chances to score at least one goal, but it did not happen. Loss with 0:2.

The next game will take place on July 1 against "Liepāja".