Again 1:0 against "Auda"

Again 1:0 against "Auda"

Tonight in the 18th round match of the Latvian Highest league at Skonto Stadium we won "Auda" with the scoreline of 1:0. On Sunday game in Riga against "Valmiera".

In the first game on April 18 in Mežaparks we beat "Auda" with the scoreline of 1:0. The only goal for our team was scored by Wesley Nata.

The first half of the game was not the most interesting. We controlled the ball a little more in the first half, but neither team had a very good chances in the first part of the game. After the first half of the game a draw of 0:0.

In the second half we played more actively, we created more goal scoring opportunities. The ball did not go into the net for a long time and the only goal was scored in the 80th minute. Douglas Aurelio played great on the left side, made a strong pass to the front of the goal, and "Auda" player shot the ball in his own net. Victory with scoreline of 1:0.

The next game will take place on June 26 at Skonto Stadium at 20:00 against "Valmiera".