For the ninth time in a row without a victory against RFS

For the ninth time in a row without a victory against RFS

On Wednesday we were the first to score in the 9th round game of the Latvian Highest league, but in the end we lost in the Riga derby against RFS with the scoreline of 1:2. The next game on Sunday in Valmiera.

In 2021, the RFS team became the winner of the Latvian championship. This team of the capital lost only two games during the season, earned 66 points and won the first championship title in the history of the club. Before that, we became the champions for three years in a row.

We got off to a great start. Already in the first minute of the game, the ball went into the net after Oleksandr Filippov's shot - 1:0. There was no good follow-up. RFS dominated and created several scoring moments. Our team was saved by goalkeeper Roberts Ozols several times during the half. But in the 12th minute he also could not save us. Emerson made good shot from the penalty box (1:1) In the second part of first half, both teams had a chance. After Filippov's and Ilič's shots ball hit the post. Draw 1:1 after the first half.

Opponents started the second half better. And scored in the 60th minute. After Vladislavs Fjodorov's cross Ilič scored from very closed distance (1:2). "Riga" tried to play active in the attack, but could not score. In the 82nd minute referee decided to show red card for Antonijs Černomordijs. At the very end, Filippov one more time hit the goal post. In the end, the loss with a result of 1:2.

The next game on Sunday away against Valmiera. The kick-off at 14:00.