Tomorrow an away match against "Liepāja"

Tomorrow an away match against "Liepāja"

Tomorrow "Riga Football Club" will play the second game of the Latvian championship this season. In an away match we will face "Liepaja". The kick-off at 15:00! Live broadcast on and TV4.

In the first game of the season in "Mežaparks Sports Village" we won "Valmiera" with the scoreline of 2:1. We conceded the goal in the first minute, but we in the rest time of the game we scored two goals and deservedly won. Goals were scored by Oleksandr Filippov and Glody Ngonda.

In the first game, "Liepāja" met with the debutant of the Latvian Highest league "Super Nova". After the first half of the game, there was still a draw (1:1). "Liepāja" could not score the second goal for a long time. At the end of the game, however, the home team scored two goals and won with a scoreline of 3:1.

The Liepaja team got the third place last season. In 28 games, "Liepāja" won 16  games, three times played in a draw and suffered nine losses. "Liepāja" secured the third place in the last round, overtaking us by one point.

We played against "Liepāja" four times in the 2021 season - each of the teams earned two victories. We won in the first two games (2:0, 4:1), but "Liepāja" was better in the third (1: 0) and fourth (1: 0) games.

Before this season, "Liepāja" was actively working on signing contracts with new players. From last season's champion team "Liepāja" signed contracts with Roberts Savaļnieks, Leonel Strumija and Lucas Villela, Artūrs Karašauskas also returned to Liepāja, but Uruguayan defender Martin Marta scored the goal in his first game in Liepāja.

Tomorrow the game in Liepaja will start at 15:00. You will be able to watch it live on and on the TV4 channel.