"Valmiera" coming to Riga!

"Valmiera" coming to Riga!

Tonight at Skonto Stadium in the 19th round game of the Latvian Highest league, "Riga" will play against "Valmiera". The game starts at 19:00. You will be able to watch the game live on Best4SportTV channel.

"Riga" now again has a hard game schedule. We finished the UEFA Europa League game against the San Marino champion "Tre Fiori" only on Friday. On Thursday, due to an emergency situation, the game was postponed, but the next day "Riga" won with 1:0. The scorer was Portuguese midfielder Pedrinho.

On September 24, in Skonto Stadium, in the 3rd round of the UEFA European League qualifiers, we will meet with the Scottish football giant "Celtic" from Glasgow, but before that there is a very important game in the Latvian championship. Tonight in Riga we will host the third place "Valmiera" team.

Last year we took only 4 of 12 points against "Valmiera" led by coach Tamaz Pertia. This season "Riga" has won both games, although the games were not easy. We won at Skonto stadium with 2: , but in the second game in Valmiera we were stronger only with 1:0, although the home team had several good chances in that game.

The "Riga" team has spent most of September at the sports base in Mežaparks and at Skonto Stadium has mostly trained only before the games. It is clear that after the game against "Tre Fiori", the Riga coaching staff will have to rotate more or less, and we will probably see some debut tonight.

In the tournament table, "Riga" currently takes the first place with 48 points in 18 games, but the second-placed RFS is only two points behind. Tonight the game starts at 19:00! We are waiting for you in the stadium! Live Best4SportTV.