"Riga" takes third place in Korantina Homes Cup 2021

"Riga" takes third place in Korantina Homes Cup 2021

Today "Riga Football Club" played the last game in the "Korantina Homes Cup" tournament in Cyprus. With the scoreline of 2:0 we won the Russian club "Rodina" and took the third place. The goals were scored by Felipe Brisola and player on trial. 

"Riga" took the second place in group B. In the first match "Riga" played a 2:2 draw against the Spanish AFE team. In the penalties better were Spaniards and secured a place in the final. And after that become the champions. In the second game we won the Cypriot team "Aris" with 3:0.

In the first half of the game against "Rodina", opponents created more chances to score. There were four dangerous shots on the goal, but the goalkeeper Nils Puriņš played perfectly in all episodes. "Riga" also had some opportunities. The best shot was made by Karim Loukili. The midfielder executed a free kick from about 18 meters, the ball went in the lower corner, but the opponents was saved by the goalkeeper. After the first half of the game, a draw of 0:0.

In the second half, both teams made several substitutions. At the beginning of the half, "Riga" had two very good moments. After Jean Leo's shot ball hit the post. In general, "Riga" made more attacks in the second half. We scored the first goal in the 86th minute. In the penalty area, the foul was made against Leo. The goalkeeper saved after Felipe Brisola's 11-meter shot, but the midfielder was the first on the ball after that - 1:0. At the end of the game, we scored the second goal in the counterattack. The goal was scored by the player on trial - 2:0!

Third place in the "Korantina Homes Cup 2021" tournament!