Long-awaited victory - 3:0 against "Aris"

Long-awaited victory - 3:0 against "Aris"

Today in the Korontina Homes Cup tournament in Cyprus, "Riga Football Club" won "Aris" with scoreline of 3:0. Two goals were scored by Joselpho Barnes. Jean Leo scored once. On November 18, we will play the game for the third place.

In the first game of the tournament, "Riga Football Club" played a 2:2 draw against the Spanish AFE team. In the penalties better were Spaniards and secured a place in the final. In the first game of the tournament "Aris" lost to the Spaniards - 1:2.

Today Jean Leo had a great chance at the start of the game. The Frenchman ran into the penalty area at a good speed, but after his shot, the Cypriot team was saved by the goalkeeper. "Aris" then made several good combinations. There were also shots on the goal, but Nils Puriņš in the goal played with the confidence. In the second half, the football player, who is on our team on a trial, also had a great moment. After his shot, the opponents again were saved by the goalkeeper. In the 43rd minute, "Riga" scored. After the first shot by Joselpho Barnes, the ball hits the crossbar, but with the second attempt the midfielder scored (1:0).

In the second half, both teams made many substitutions. In the 49th minute, Leo played individually well and in the finish of the attack shot the ball into the far corner. "Aris" had very little chance of scoring. Nils continued to play confident in the goal. In the 83rd minute, after a great combination with Mikael Soisalo, Barnes scored the second goal in the match, and "Riga" won by 3:0.

On November 18, at 14:00, "Riga" will play for the third place against "Paphos", "Rodina" or "Brentford".