1:1 in interesting game against "Valmiera"

1:1 in interesting game against "Valmiera"

Today in the 21st round of the Latvian Highest league, "Riga Football Club" in an away match played 1:1 against "Valmiera". The only goal for our team was scored by Arturs Krancmanis. On Sunday Riga derby against RFS.

We had played against "Valmiera" twice this season. Each of the teams had won once. On April 30 we lost 1:2 in an away match, but on June 21 we won 1:0 at Skonto Stadium.

"Riga" had a very good first half of the game. The team showed good fighting spirit and deservedly scored. In the ninth minute, Arturs Krancmanis had a great individual episode and in the end midfielder made a shot into the far corner (1:1). Jean Leo also had a good moment in the first half, but the ball went over the crossbar after a French shot. "Valmiera" did not have a really good chances to score in the first part of the game. "Riga" was in the lead with 1:0 after the first half.

"Valmiera" played very actively in the second half. In the 52nd minute, after the cross from right side Raimonds Krollis made a great header - 1:1. Both teams played selflessly in the second half and showed a desire to win. "Valmiera" had more opportunities, but "Riga" goalkeeper Nils Puriņš played a great game. During the match, both teams had a lot of bright emotions, but the winner could not be determined. In the end, a draw of 1:1.

On Sunday, "Riga" will play against RFS. The kick-off at 13:30.