Latvian Cup semifinal loss against RFS

Latvian Cup semifinal loss against RFS

Tonight in the Latvian Cup semifinals "Riga Football Club" lost RFS 1:3 in overtime. The only goal for our team was scored by Camilo Saiz. On September 25, we will play against "Liepāja" in the Latvian championship.

We have done badly against the last RFS game. We have lost the last five games in a row against this Riga team. The last victory was won on July 17, 2020 (2: 0). We have won three games of last ten against RFS.

RFS had a great start of the game. The opponents had a couple of good opportunities at the beginning of the game, but both Riga's defense and goalkeeper Roberts Ozols played well. The second half of the first half went to a quiet game, and after 45 minutes the draw was 0:0.

"Riga" started the second half of the game well. In the 63rd minute, after corner kick Camilo Saiz made a shot into the net - 1:1. After the goal scored by "Riga", RFS was able to respond - 11 minutes later, after a pass from the left, Tomas Šimkovič stood out with a great shot (1:1). In the rest of the regular time, both teams had a chance, but the goal was not scored - 1:1.

No goal was scored in the first half of extra time. In the 109th minute, there was a controversial episode, RFS continued to attack, and Andrej Ilič scored - 1:2.. After this Nedeljko Piscevič was sent of the field. "Riga" tried to score, but in 116 minute Kevin Friesenbichler scored, and RFS won with the scoreline of 3:1.