"Riga" scores seven goals and wins "Daugavpils"

"Riga" scores seven goals and wins "Daugavpils"

Tonight at the Skonto Stadium in the 19th round of the Latvian Highest league, "Riga Football Club" scored seven goals and won "Daugavpils" 7:1. Stanislav Krapukhin scored two goals in this game. On Sunday, the Latvian Cup semi-final against RFS.

We had played against "Daugavpils" twice this season. In the first game in Mežaparks we won with 4:0, but in the second game in Daugavpils we lost two points - 1:1.

We had a great start of the game. In the first 17 minutes we scored three goals. In the 7th minute, Karim Loukili shot the ball into the net from a close distance and scored first goal in "Riga" shirt. In the 12th minute, Mikael Soisalo played individually - the Finnish midfielder finished with a great shot in bottom corner (2:0). Five minutes later, after an opponent's mistake in the penalty area, Yurii Vakulko made a shot in the far corner - 3:0. In the second half, William Mukvelle was sent off for a rough game. At the end of the half we couldn't use several opportunities, and after the first half "Riga" was in the lead with 3:0.

In the second half, "Riga" completely dominated and deservedly scored four more goals. In the 58th and 66th minutes, the Russian striker Stanislav Krapukhin scored from a close distance (5:0). A minute later a great shot from 18 meters from Felipe Brisola (6:0). "Riga" continued to attack, and in the 70th minute Kule Mbombo shot the ball from a few meters (7:0). The final part of the game went smoothly, we lost our concentration a bit, and in the 90th minute "Daugavpils" also scored one goal (7:1).

On September 19, we will play against RFS in the semi-finals of the Latvian Cup. The match will start at 18:00.