Victory, draw and loss for the Latvian national team

Victory, draw and loss for the Latvian national team

The Latvian national team has played three World Cup qualification games. Out of a maximum of nine, the team got four points for a victory against Gibraltar and draw against Montenegro.

The Latvian national team defeated Gibraltar in the first game 3:1, then lost to Norway 0:2, but yesterday in an interesting and good game a draw 0:0 against Montenegro.

During this period, there were five "Riga" players together with the national team - Roberts Ozols, Antonijs Černomordijs, Vladislavs Fyodorovs, Vladimirs Kamešs and Aleksejs Saveļjevs.

Antonijs played all 90 minutes and was the team captain in the games against Gibraltar and Montenegro, but could not play in the game against Norway due to disqualification. Vladimirs was in the starting lineup of the team against Norway and Montenegro. Kamešs played a total of 138 minutes.

Ozols played against Norway from the last minutes of first half and all 90 minutes against Gibraltar. Aleksejs did not play in any of the games.