3:0 against "Metta"!

3:0 against "Metta"!

3:0! Great start of second half and confident win in 16th round game against "Metta"! Goals were scored by Jakub Hora, Kule Mbombo and Felipe Brisola! On Sunday at Skonto stadion BIG Riga derby!

In the last games against "Metta" we have proved our advantage quite convincingly. This season in the only game we won this team with the scoreline of 2:0. Goals were scored by Elvis Stuglis and Olegs Laizans. Last season we won all four games against "Metta". 

"Riga" in the start of the game quickly took control of the ball and started to create chances in front of opponents goal. On 18th minute Steniu had a great chance, but "Metta" goalkeeper played great at this situation. Few minutes later good shoot from long distances was made by Felipe Brisola, however home team was lucky. Metta played very carefully in defense, so there weren't that many moments in the first half of the game. After 45 minutes, the scoreboard showed draw - 0:0.

"Riga" FC started the second half well. Already in the 47th minute Jakub Hore scored from penalty box - 1:0. Five minutes later, after a very good pass from Brisola, Kule Mbombo from the front of the goal sent the ball in to the net - 2:0. A few minutes later, Brisola was knocked down in the "Metta" penalty area, and Brisola by himself took this chance - 3:0! The champions continued to have a huge advantage, the home team was lucky several times, and "Riga" didn't score anymore. Victory with the result 3:0! 14 wins in a row! 

On Sunday, the big Riga derby at Skonto Stadium! The game will start at 19:00! Tickets are already available at "Biļešu Serviss" ticket offices.

"Metta" - "Riga" 0:3 (0:0)
Goals: Hora 47`, Mbombo 52`, Brisola (11 m. s.s.) 55`.
Booked: Kirkils 54`.
Metta: Beks - Šibass (Krjukovičs 77`), Ķipsts, Kikils, Birka (Guliaks 57`), Uldriķis (Gulbis 57`), Puzirevskis, Fazili, Tochokwu, Ozoliņš, Kadriu (Vapne 77`).
Riga: Ozols - Rugins, Stuglis, Prenga, Fjodorovs, Sharpar (Laizāns 65`), Djurisic, Hora (Roger 59`), Brisola (Nkololo 59`), Stenio (Dariu 65`), Mbombo (Kamešs 74`).
Referee: Jevgēnijs Vasjukovs.