"Riga" wins also in Skopje and enters the next round

"Riga" wins also in Skopje and enters the next round

On Thursday, "Riga" in an away match with the scoreline of 1:0 won the Northern Macedonian champion "Shkendija" in UEFA Europa Conference league second qualifiying round. The only goal was scored by Mikael Soisalo. In the third round, the opponent of "Riga" will be the Maltese team "Hibernians".

The first game took place on July 22 in Riga, Skonto Stadium. "Riga" scored in each half and won by 2:0. Goals were scored by Wesley Nata and Yurii Vakulko. "Riga" started the game tonight with the same players who played in the first game.

Wesley Nata had a good chance at the start of the match. The Brazilian midfielder hit well after a great pass from Felipe Brisola, but "Shkendija" was saved by the goalkeeper. The Northern Macedonia champion also had some good moments, but "Riga" goalkeeper Ivan Brkič played very well in all episodes. Jean Leo played individually good in the attack several times. The French striker tried to score several times, but all his shots were blocked by the "Shkendija" defenders. After 45 minutes, there was a 0:0 draw on the scoreboard.

"Riga" aggressively started the second half of the game and deservedly scored. In the 53rd minute, "Riga" took the lead. After Yurii Vakulko pass the goal was scored by Mikael Soisalo - 1:0. We played tactically very well after scoring goal. But anyway, "Shkendija" was close several times to score. There were both bad shots and several times "Riga" was saved by the goalkeeper. At the end of the game, "Riga" played carefully in defense. One chance had Besar Halimi, but a Kosovo national football player shot over the crossbar. In the end, the victory with 1:0 (3:0 in two games).

The next game on August 5 at Skonto Stadium in the third round against the Maltese team "Hibernians".