Weak game and 0:1 in Liepaja

Weak game and 0:1 in Liepaja

Tonight, in the 20th round of the Latvian Highest league, "Riga Football Club" played a weak game and lost 0:1 to "Liepaja". On July 7, the UEFA Champions League qualifiers against the Swedish "Malmö FF".

We had won five games in a row against "Liepāja" before this game. We had not suffered losses against "Liepāja" for 12 consecutive games. Unfortunately, this time the series came to an end.

"Liepāja" completely dominated at the beginning of the game. "Riga" played little with the ball, and in the 14th minute, probably the most beautiful goal of his career was scored by Vadims Žuļevs - 0:1. Mikael Soisalo had a pretty good chance for Riga. In the middle of the half, the Finnish midfielder hit from a sharp angle just a long wide the goal. After the first half of the game, "Liepāja" was in the lead with 1:0.

Also in the second half, the teams played cautiously and there were very few scoring moments. "Liepaja" closer to the end of the game placed more emphasis on defense, and "Riga" failed to create anything dangerous. In the 86th minute, Edgar Babayan received a red card for rough game against opponent. We were unable to score a goal with 10 players and suffered a loss with 0:1.

The next game on July 7 is the UEFA Champions League qualifier against the Swedish champion "Malmö FF". The start of the match on the opponent's field at 20:00 Latvian time.