Game in Liepaja before the start of the Champions league

Game in Liepaja before the start of the Champions league

Tomorrow, the Latvian champion "Riga Football Club" will play the last game before the start of the UEFA Champions League. In the 20th round of the Latvian Highest league, we will play away against "Liepāja". The match starts at 18:00. Live broadcast on TV channel.

We have played against "Liepāja" twice this season. On March 19 in Liepaja we won with 2:0. Goals were scored by Gabriel Ramos and Vladislavs Fjodorovs. On May 9 in Mežaparks we won with 4:1. Stefan Miloševič and Mikael Soisalo scored two goals. Since then, there have been big changes in both teams.

"Riga" has gained nine out of a maximum of 12 points after Andris Riherts became the head coach. "Liepāja", on the other hand, fired Belarusian coach Dmitry Molosh a week ago.

In the 2020 season, "Riga" won in all three games against "Liepāja" - 2:0, 4:1 and 2:1. We have won five games in a row against "Liepāja". We have not suffered losses against "Liepāja" for 12 consecutive games.

RFS is currently in the first place in the tournament table with 34 points in 14 games. "Riga" is in second place with 32 points in 15 games, "Valmiera" is third with 29 points in 14 games. "Liepāja" takes the fourth place with 19 points in 13 games.

Tomorrow the game in Liepaja will start at 18:00. You will be able to watch it live on and on the TV channel.