Leo and Černomordijs scores in the last minutes, "Riga" wins "Noah"

Leo and Černomordijs scores in the last minutes, "Riga" wins "Noah"

Tonight, in the Latvian Highest league game, "Riga Football Club" scored two goals in the last minutes of the game and won "Noah Jūrmala" - 2: 1. Goals for our team were scored by Jean-Baptiste Leo and Antonijs Černomordijs. On July 1, away game against "Liepaja".

We had played against "Noah Jurmala" twice this season, and in both games we won - 7:0 and 1:0. Two different games, and in the second match we scored winning goal at the very end of the game.

"Noah" played very carefully in the first minutes of the game. Jean Leo had a good chance in the middle of the half. The attacker missed from close distance. There were many crosses in the penalty area, but there was no good shots. "Noah" clearly had decided to counter-attack when they could. In the first 45 minutes the goals were not scored - 0:0.

At the beginning of the second half, there were still problems with the attacks. The situation became even more complicated in the 56th minute. After a cross from the left, the goalkeeper Ivan Brkič played unsuccessfully, and Oleksii Babir made a header into the empty net - 0:1. "Riga" actively attacked for the rest of the time, but failed to score for a long time. In the 89th minute, Ivan Paurevič perfectly passed to Leo, and the French striker hit the ball into the far corner 1:1. Five minutes later Mikael Soisalo made a good cross and captain Antonijs Černomordijs brilliantly hit with a head scoring a winning goal - 2:1.

The next game will take place on July 1 against "Liepāja". This game will start at 18:00!