Riherts will make his debut with a game against Noah

Riherts will make his debut with a game against Noah

Tomorrow at the Skonto Stadium in the 16th round game of the Latvian Highest league "Riga Football Club" head coach Andris Riherts will make his debut against "Noah". The match starts at 16:00. Live on Sportacentrs.com.

We played the last game of the Latvian championship before the national team break. On May 28 in Mežaparks we won "Metta" with 3:0. The goals were scored by Vladimirs Kamešs, Jean Leo and Felipe Brisola. 

During the break, we had changes in the team, and Andris Riherts was appointed as the head coach. The 40-year-old Latvian specialist before this was the head coach of "Metta" for last 15 years.

This week, under the leadership of the new head coach, "Riga" held several trainings. On Saturday, the pre-match training took place at Skonto Stadium. Tommorow we will play the first game in the country's best football stadium this year.

We won against "Noah" on May 20 with the result 7:0. Stefan Miloševič and Mikael Soisalo scored two goals in this game. Admittedly, this was one of the easiest victories in the history of the club, and the opponents were not ready to show serious resistance in the complicated schedule.

In the tournament table "Riga" with 29 points in 13 games ranks second. RFS takes first place, scoring 29 points in 12 games. "Valmiera" ranks third with 26 points. "Noah" has four points in eight games and it gives them last place.

Tomorrow at Skonto Stadium the game will start at 16:00. You will be able to watch the game live on Sportacentrs.com.