The goal against "Ventspils" - victory!

The goal against "Ventspils" - victory!

Tomorrow, the Latvian champion "Riga Football Club" in the 10th round game at Mežaparks Stadium will play against "Ventspils". The match starts at 16:00. Live broadcast on TV channel.

In the last game "Riga" lost to in Valmiera with 1:2, but one more game before it we lost with 0:3 RFS. It is clear that the atmosphere is not the best after such results, and the team wants to return to the victory trail as soon as possible.

In total, this season "Riga" has won four games in seven matches, lost twice and once played a draw. "Ventspils" has played six games and won only once.

Not long ago, Adlan Shishhanov announced that he wants to resign as the president of "Ventspils". Viorel Frunze after that resigned as teams head coach. Currently, the head coach of "Ventspils" is Igors Kičigins.

In the first mutual game this season, "Riga" won with 3:0. The goals were scored by Axel Andresson, Stefan Milosevic and Edgar Babayan.

The match starts at 16:00. You will be able to watch the game live on and on the TV channel