Kononov: "Everything will be shown by the game on the field"

Kononov: "Everything will be shown by the game on the field"

Comments from head coach Oleg Kononov and team captain Stefan Panic before tomorrow's game. 

"It's hard to say how the game will be affected by the fact that "Maccabi" has only recently named new head coach. It is clear that in such short time it is very hard to change teams played football. I think it will be similar to that we saw in last games of "Maccabi" Of course, new coach can change some little things, but in general the playing style will be the same as before," coach Kononov said on today's press conference. 

Our coach was asked if he preffered to determine winner in one or two games, on what coach replied that his first impressions was that for spectators it would be more interesting if there would two games, and also for teams this would left an opportunity to correct the situation after the first match. "But this is a new situation for all teams. I can say that this game will be like Champions league final," coach continues. 

How we react to fact that "Maccabi" ir favorite of the game? "I was asked this question before. "Maccabi" ir very experienced team, previously played in Champions league and Europa league group stages. Now they are playing at home. Yes, "Maccabi" ir favorite. But most important will be shown on football field."

Stefan Panic, captain of "Riga" FC: "Flight to Israel was calm, for team everything was good. Yes, these procedures can be annoying, but we know why it like this. We can only be careful, we have to listen what medical experts say. But here everything is provided so you should not worry about it and think only about football."

"Last year was very successful for our team in the European cups. We hope that this year will be even better. Tommorow we will have a strong opponent, but last year we also had. We know what to expect. The coaches gave to us detailed analysis of the "Maccabi" team. We talked about it's strong and also weak sides. It is clear that "Maccabi" ir very strong team, but we will see how it will be tommorow," says Panic.

Panic said that teams budget and perfomance on the field are two different things. "May be they are favorites, but we are ready to fight for next round."