In Valmiera a chance to get back on top

In Valmiera a chance to get back on top

Tomorrow, in the ninth round of the Latvian Highest league, "Riga Football Club" will play an away game against Valmiera. The match starts at 18:00. The game will be broadcasted live on the TV channel.

In the first three games of the season, "Riga" got three beautiful victories - 2:0 against "Liepāja", 3:0 against "Ventspils" and 6:1 against "Spartaks". In the last three games we took only four points - 1:1 against "Metta", 4:0 against "Daugavpils", 0:3 against RFS.

"Valmiera" at the beginning of the season has proved that it is ready to fight for the highest places in the championship. Already in the first game "Valmiera" won one of the favorites RFS with 3:2. In the next five games, "Valmiera" won three times and played draw twice.

Due to disqualification, our center midfielder Marko Djurisic will not be able to play against "Valmiera". The team did not have much time to be upset after the bad previous game, and "Riga" actively trained in Mežaparks stadium all week.

Last season we won all three games against "Valmiera". "Valmiera" did not score any goals and we won with 2:0, 1:0 and 1:0. But in 2019, we lost twice in four games and won only once.

"Valmiera" takes the first place in the tournament table with 14 points, we have one point less, but RFS takes the third place with 11 points before this round.

The match starts tomorrow at 18:00. You will be able to watch the game live on and on the TV channel.