0:3 in the Riga derby

0:3 in the Riga derby

On Sunday, in the eighth round game of the Latvian Highest league "Riga Football Club" in the Riga derby lost to RFS with the scoreline of 0:3.  On April 30, we will play against Valmiera.

In the beginning of the championship "Riga" won for games and once played a draw. For RFS, the start of the season has not been the best. Before this game RFS won two games, had two draws and one loss.

RFS took the initiative at the beginning of the game and created more moments than "Riga". In the 19th minute, after the cross of Roberts Savalnieks, the midfielder Tomislav Šarič made a great header - 0:1 In the first half, "Riga" attacked many times using the wingers, but in the penalty area were not dangerous. At the end of the half, there was pressure on the RFS goal, but there was not dangerous moments from that. After 45 minutes, "Riga" was loosing 0:1. 

At the beginning of the second half, "Riga" played more with the ball, but there was still no aggression and a really good opportunity in the attack. RFS = successfully counter-attacked several times. In the 71st minute RFS made a great combination, and in the end Darko Lemajič scored the second goal - 0:2. We still tried to save something at the end of the game, but it didn't work. In the 83rd minute Tomaš Šimkovič made a great shot - 0:3. Deserved RFS victory.

On May 30, "Riga" will play the next game in the Latvian Championship. At 18:00 we will have an away game against "Valmiera".