The first Riga derby at the Mezaparks stadium tomorrow

The first Riga derby at the Mezaparks stadium tomorrow

Tomorrow, at the Mežaparks Stadium, in the eighth round game of the Latvian Highest league, the Latvian champion "Riga Football Club" will face another capital city club RFS. The match starts at 17:15. The game will be shown live on TV.

"Riga" has won four games this season and once played a draw. The team has already scored 16 goals, while the opponents have scored only two goals against us. These are by far the best numbers in the entire championship.

For RFS, the start of the season has not been the best. RFS has two victories, two draws and one loss in five games. Also this season RFS head coach is Viktors Morozs. The best goal scorer with three goals is Darko Lemajič.

Last season we got a negative balance against the RFS team. In 2020, we lost three times against RFS, but won only once. It should be noted, however, that in the last game we had big problems with the squad due to the "Covid-19" pandemic.

"Riga" spent all week training at Mežaparks Stadium and was especially preparing for the game against RFS. In recent years, the Riga derby has become the most principled match in Latvian football.

"Valmiera" currently takes the first place in the tournament table with 14 points, but has one more played game. "Riga" is in second place with 13 points. Ten points is for Daugavpils, but RFS with eight points is in fourth place.

The game starts tomorrow at 17:15. The game will take place without the presence of spectators. Live broadcast on and TV channel.