Four goals and victory against "Daugavpils"

Four goals and victory against "Daugavpils"

Today in the fifth round game of the Latvian Highest league "Riga Football Club" with the result 4:0 won "Daugavpils". The goals were scored by Marko Dzurisic, Gabriel Ramos, Lipe Veloso and Stefan Milosevic. April 25 game against RFS.

"Riga" got three victories in three games at the beginning of the season. Unfortunately, in the fourth game against "Metta" we created a small number chances and lost two points - 1:1. 

Against "Daugavpils" in the first minutes of the game we put pressure on the opponents' goal. In the third minute, there was a foul against Marko Dzurisic in the "Daugavpils" penalty area. The midfielder himself then took an 11-meter penalty kick - 1:0. Eight minutes later, "Riga" organized another attack on the right side, and in the end, Gabriel Ramos scored the second goal from the front of the goal - 2:0.

The "Daugavpils" team made several shots in the direction of the goal after the crosses, but the most of them went wide. Lipe Veloso performed showed great individual mastery in the 41st minute. After receiving the ball, the Brazilian midfielder made a great shot from about 16 meters - 3:0. The end of the half went smoothly, and "Riga" was in the lead with 3:0 after the first half of the game.

There were fewer moments in the second half. The coaches of both teams made many substitutions. Stefan Milosevic scored the only goal in the second half. The forward scored goal from short distance after big pressure to the opponent's goal - 4:0. In the end of the game there was not many goal scoring chances, and "Riga" won a well-deserved victory with the result 4:0.

In the next game "Riga" on April 25 will face RFS. In Mežaparks, the game will start at 17:15.