"Riga" scores six goals in the opening game of Mežaparks stadium

"Riga" scores six goals in the opening game of Mežaparks stadium

Today "Riga Football Club" got a convincing victory in the 3rd round game of the Latvian Highest league. In the opening game of Mežaparks stadium we won "Spartaks" with the scoreline of 6:1. "Hat-trick" in this game for Stefan Milosevic, but one goal for Wesley Nata, Danila Yanov and Jean Leo. On April 10, "Riga" will play away against "Metta".

"Riga" had two victories at the beginning of the championship  - 3:0 against "Ventspils" and 2:0 against "Liepāja". "Spartaks" had one victory in two games - 1:2 loss against "Daugavpils" and 1:0 success against "Metta".

The first goal was scored in the 14th minute. In the penalty area there was a foul on Nata, and Milosevic scored from penalty spot. "Riga" played much more with the ball, but at times there was a lack of concentration. In the 28th minute Milosevic scored the second goal - Axel Andresson made a cross into the penalty area, and Stefan's header was great - 2:0. "Spartaks" also had two great opportunities in the first half, but in both episodes the "Riga" team was saved by goalkeeper Roberts Ozols. After 45 minutes, the scoreboard showed 2:0 in favor of "Riga".

After the break, we made three changes. The problems that appeared in the first half continued into the second part of the game. In the 55th minute, after the cross of Raivis Skrebels, Richard Friday hit the ball with the head - 2:1. It took the team about ten minutes to sort their performance and control the game again. In the 73rd minute "Riga" scored third goal. Vladislavs Fjodorovs played well on the right side, gave great pass to Nata, and brazilian scored - 3:1.

"Riga" no longer gave any hope to their opponents in this game. In the 81st minute, after a great pass from Jean Leo, the first goal in "Riga" shirt was scored by Danila Yanov (4: 1). A few minutes later, Leo himself proved his great speed characteristics, and at the end of the episode he also beautifully beat Dāvis Ošs - 5:1. "Riga" created several more moments, and Stefan Milosevic scored one more goal. The forward sent the ball into the net from the front of the goal - a "hat-trick" for Milosevic and a 6:1 victory for the champions.

The next game on April 10 will be against "Metta". This game will start at 19:00.