Players return after national team games

Players return after national team games

Six players of the Latvian champion "Riga" have played for their national teams during the break in the Latvian championship. Antonijs Černomordijs, Roberts Ozols, Vladislavs Fjodorovs and Vladimirs Kamešs represented the Latvian national team, three victories in three games for Armenian national team and our player Edgar Babayan, but Martin Loic Assomo played two games in the African Nations Cup for Cameroon.

The Latvian national team in the World Cup qualification played three games - 1:2 at Skonto Stadium against Montenegro, 0:2 away against the Netherlands and 3:3 away against Turkey. Antonijs Černomordijs played all three games and was the team captain.

Vladimirs Kamešs started games against Montenegro and the Netherlands, but against Turkey entered the game in the second half. Vladislavs Fjodorovs played two full games - against the Netherlands and Turkey. Goalkeeper Roberts Ozols played full game against Netherlands. It should be noted that in this match, the Netherlands made 35 shots. 

The Armenian national team has had three great games, getting maximum of nine points - 1:0 against Liechtenstein, 2:0 against Iceland and 3:2 against Romania. Armenia is the leader in the group with Germany and Northern Macedonia. Edgar entered the game against Liechtenstein in the second half.

Cameroon played two games in the African Cup of Nations - 1:3 against Cape Verde and 0:0 against Rwanda. "Riga" footballer Martin Loic Assomo against both entered the game in the second half. Cameroon still won the group and qualified for the African Cup of Nations.