Great start - victory also in Liepaja

Great start - victory also in Liepaja

Tonight in the Latvian championship three-time champion "Riga Football Club" got the second victory in two games. In the 2nd round game, in the away game we won "Liepāja" with 2:0. The goals were scored by Gabriel Ramos and Vladislavs Fjodorovs. 

In the first game of the Latvian championship, the three-time champion "Riga" won "Ventspils" with the result 3:0. The goals were scored by Axel Andreson, Stefan Milosevic and Edgar Babayan. "Liepāja" in turn defeated "Metta" with 4:1 in its field.

"Riga" scored the first goal in the game in the eighth minute of the game. After a great cross by Armands Petersons, Gabriel Ramos hit the ball straight into the net - 1:0 It should be mentioned that the teams today also faced difficult weather conditions. The air temperature was below zero degrees and it snowed practically all the first half. In general, "Riga" controlled the game and was closer to the second goal than "Liepāja" to the first. There was aggression from both teams, and both teams showed great fighting spirit. In the second part of first half, Mikael Soisalo had a good chance, but missed the shot from short distance. After 45 minutes we were in the lead with 1:0.

In the second half, "Liepāja" played a little more with the ball and created some good opportunities to score. Artūrs Karašausks made three shots, but all of them were unsuccessful. Jean Baptist Leo demonstrated excellent individual skills in "Riga" after coming on the field. After on of his shots "Liepaja" was saved by Aleksandr Ribka. Even before the additional time, Olegs Laizans played perfectly, and organized moment for Edgar Babayan - the midfielder missed from a great position. In the 92nd minute, "Riga" organized a very good counterattack, and Vladislavs Fjodorovs scored second goal of the game - 2:0 victory.

Now there will be a break in the Latvian championship, and the next games will take place in early April.