The championship starts!

The championship starts!

Tomorrow, the three-time Latvian champion "Riga Football Club" will open the 2021 season with an away game against "Ventspils". The match starts at 13:00. You will be able to watch the game live on the TV channel.

Before the 2021 season, Riga held a 51-day training camp in the United Arab Emirates. The team played against the strongest clubs of Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Armenia.

Compared to the previous season, the our lineup has changed quite a lot. "Riga" has signed contracts with 10 new foreign footballers. The fight for a place in the starting lineup will be serious. In principle, we can say that we currently have two players for each position.

In the highest league of Latvia in 2021 will play eight teams - "Riga", RFS, "Valmiera", "Ventspils", "Liepāja", "Spartaks", "Daugavpils" and "Metta". Each team will have 28 games in the championship this year, meeting with each of their opponents four times.

In the opening game of the season, "Riga" will play away against "Ventspils". There are always interesting and tense games against the Ventspils team. Last season we played twice with "Ventspils" and got two victories - 1:0 and 2:0. We didn't go on the field in the third game, because a large part of the team was infected with the "Covid-19" virus.

Tomorrow the game in Ventspils will start at 13:00. You will be able to watch the match live on and on the TV channel.