Thank You, Stefan!

Thank You, Stefan!

Riga Football Club captain Stefan Panic will continue his career at the Cyprus Highest league club "Paphos"! "Everything was great in Riga. It was very difficult to leave a great club, city, country and people," says the footballer. Stefan, thanks for everything! These were great two and a half years together! Good luck in future! We will definitely meet again! 

Stefan joined Riga Football Club in the summer of 2018. In two and a half years, Stefan played 78 games for "Riga", scored 11 goals and gave two assists. The 28-year-old footballer became the Latvian champion three times and once won the Latvian Cup trophy.

Stefan Panic: "The last two and a half years have been great in my life. We became champions three times, won the trophy, played really well in the Eurocups and achieved great results. My baby was born in Riga, I became a father. Everything was great in Riga. It was very difficult. leave a great club, city, country and people.

From day one, the club progressed all the time. The team was stronger every year, the club grew every day. The people of the club and the president did everything to provide us with very good conditions for training. It was everything for the players to progress. I hope very much that the club will continue to progress in the future.

It was a great honor for me to be the team captain this year. Be the captain in the dressing room. It is a great honor for every foreign footballer, but also a big responsibility. I am also very happy being one of the best footballers in the league. I can only say a big thank you to my teammates, coaches and club staff. Everyone helped me. I believe that it was support from the club people and unity in the locker room that was our greatest strength.

I wish the teammates to remain just as professional, strong and always believe in yourself. Work just as hard in the future. I wish everyone to win the championship again next year, return the cup and achieve high results in the European Cups. I wish everyone strong health, good luck and happiness. Thank you!"

Stefan, thanks for everything! We will definitely meet again!